Masak Daging Sapi Supaya Gurih dan Lembut

Masak Daging Sapi Supaya Gurih dan Lembut - This time we will try to present a recipe stir-oseng know. As is known, knows is one of the favorite foods of Indonesia. In addition the price is cheap and tasty, know also has many benefits. That is why it is important for us to incorporate this into the daily diet. Thus, you are indirectly helping to maintain good health.

The first benefit is to prevent a heart attack because in it there is a substance that serves to lower the bad cholesterol. This is one factor that can make a person having a heart attack. Tofu is also a source of energy because these foods are rich in iron. Iron is an important role in the circulation of oxygen throughout the body.

The food was very good for the children who are growing, but there is no specific age to consume this vegetable protein source. Still there are many other benefits, such as preventing osteoporosis because he knows has a high calcium content. Well, the simple recipes made from the basic idea is very easy to find. This time we will give you the recipe for your stir.

First of all, put enough oil to skillet, saute garlic and chutney to scent out. Insert meat that has been milled until half cooked. Enter other complementary ingredients, such as mushrooms, tofu, carrots, sprouts, beans, chili, and continue to stir-fry until cooked. Next turn seasoning. You can put the sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce, salt, sugar, pepper, sesame oil dadn little to strengthen the feeling. Add the leek which has been cut. Cook briefly again, then remove and drain.

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