Saatnya Masak Bolu Pisang Tanpa Oven

Saatnya Masak Bolu Pisang Tanpa Oven - Roasted corn, corn on the cob, popcorn, corn pudding or other foods made from corn is a list of favorite foods made from corn. But do you know if a lot of other benefits of corn that could be used for a variety of health problems.

One part of the maize that it has many health benefits, especially for hair is corn. Corn silk for health benefits is quite complex, one hair efficacy of corn to cope with diabetes and other diseases such as below.

For those of you who suffer from high blood pressure, probably corn hair could be one solution. Nutrients in fresh corn or hair that has been processed into a potent tea is believed to lower blood pressure in the body slowly and gradually. You do this by using water boiled corn silk. Material that is required is 30-50 grams of corn silk 1 medium sized stem ginger and enough water.

Boil the ingredients had to boil. then cool and strain the cooking water was then add honey to taste and then drink regularly to lower high blood pressure.
In addition to lowering high blood pressure, this herb also has other benefits that for smooth urination. So if you are having problems urinating, not hurt to try a decoction of corn hair to solve this problem.

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