More Tasty Kue Kering VS Kue Basah Define your choice!

More Tasty Kue Kering VS Kue Basah Define your choice! - But if you are hard to get beef ribs, you may use beef and beef bones alone. or it could be that the stuffing soup konro you more, you may also use beef ribs, beef and beef bones so that the broth soup is committed and makyus. if the use of beef in oplos like this can not be said to be Soups Original Konro Makassar.

But a matter of taste, do not ask me, of course, very tasty and delicious. not least with Soups Makassar Konro Original Daeng Tata. well, for those of you who are curious about the delicacy Soups Typical Konro Delicious Makassar, you do not have far just want to enjoy Konro Soups are sold along the streets of the city of Makassar only. because by following the ingredients and how to make Soups Typical Konro following Makassar, you can already make yourself at home. yuk listened sederhannya konro soup recipes, good luck.

The use of typical Indonesian spices such as pepper, galangal, ginger, nutmeg and so really makes these dishes well known throughout the country because it tastes delicious. spices used to make Soups or Sop Konro konro this is almost similar to goulash and other archipelago Typical Aneka Soto yes. but nothing makes Soups be Konro Typical Indonesian cuisine like no other. fresh, savory, delicious, savory and delicious maybe the right word when eating food Soups Makassar Typical of this.
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